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Poster: Arensky Date: May 24, 2007 5:31am
Forum: stock_footage Subject: Re: I Think I Was Wrong

Ed, as they say, is good to go.

Being partially disabled, it's difficult for me to get off this mountaintop, Ivan, but I'll try to make new stock clips as best I can.

As for historic feature clips, I think everyone has an opinion on that. But let's face it, if everyone treated movies as artifacts, we would have no film documentaries, previews, obits on passing personalities, etc. And what a loss that would be. I have no difficulty in picking a scene from "Dr. Caligary" or "Nosferatu" as an example of German Expressionism.

I agree, Eva, that the keyword list needs work, but we are the ones that must do that. If I'm not mistaken, keywords are added automatically from our Meta. Therefore, what we place in the key word box is what we get. The biggest problem I see right now is spelling, and I'm afraid I'm the biggest offender of all, right now. Other problem is forgetting to place a semi-colon instead of a coma between words to separate them. You can go back at any time and add a keyword that you might have forgotten and it will be posted. Or you can suggest a keyword to Ivan or me for one of our posts and we can make the correction. You idea of making classifications according to era is also excellent and I'm going to adopt that immediately. Also notice the way I'm listing people in key word -- last name first, then middle name, then dates. If you are looking for stock of a particular person, this should make it easier.

The last time I looked there were 7,070 public domain films on the Archive, which is both exciting and intimidating. I mean, where do you start looking for a particular clip? Most of the time it's not the SUBJECT of the film you are really looking for, but the CONTENT. That is why I think posting historic clips is necessary. No editor wants to interrupted the flow of his edit and go on a two-day search for the right insert.

At any rate, that's some -- but not all -- of the stuff I've been thinking about. But thanks to all for your compliments and advice. Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to shut up and get to work.